"Our products offer a better, faster and easier approach to detect diabetes complications."

Simultaneous measurements​​​
Fast Tests

Wireless and ​​
Integrated Technologies

No Human Error

Accurate Results

​Clear Reports

"If there is no early diagnostic, then there is no timely treatment."

"​​​​​​Physicians choose our medical device systems because our procesures and results are clinically validated."

Why do physicians choose our products?
​ ​​​​​​​
Our procedures, markers and scoring system are clinically validated and simplifying the reading of Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and vascular function assessment.

Our innovative and scientific advanced medical devices combine medicine, clinical studies, peer reviews, engineering, product design, software development and manufacturing, in order to provide the best in patient care medical products that assess thevascular and ANS.

We produce innovative, integrated, clinically efficient and non-invasive medical systems that provide a clear overview and report of a patient's ANS and vascular functions in one exam. Our products perform accurate, simultaneous measurements that are based on established medical guidelines without any extrapolation of the results. 

Our new patented product, the TM-Flow System helps physicians differentiate vascular from neuropathic symptoms. Based on significant user feedback, TM-Flow is a unique Medical Device Data System that makes a difference.

Our vision and mision

"LD Technology provides safe, precise and easy to use solutions to bring reliable technologies into daily practice."

Our vision is to provide physicians with new tools that​ ​​​simplify complex procedures, such as Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) and Autonomic Nervous Systems Assessments, recommended by US and International Medical Associations. Our most recent innovation includes wireless transmission to increase patient and technician comfort. Our products offer a better, faster, easier approach to early detect diabetes complications. 
TM-FLOW Scoring - CMR
LD Technology’s mission is to ​​​help physicians ​​to evaluate the cardiometabolic risk using a scoring system and to distinguish ​​​​​​the cause of symptoms and improves the early detection and treatment management of vascular and autonomic nervous system complications resulting from diabetes and/or other chronic diseases, and/or aging, and/or an unhealthy lifestyle.
​If there is no early diagnosis, then there is no timely treatment.