"Our products offer a better, faster and easier approach to detect diabetes complications."

LD Technology products, which have clinical applications in the early detection of chronic disease (e.g., diabetes) complications, enable physicians to evaluate and monitor their patient's vascular function and autonomic nervous system  (ANS).

Our company’s products are based on non-invasive recordings of photoplethysmography, volume plethysmography, and galvanic skin response technologies that capture and display data rapidly.

Our products are patented, and the company received 13 US FDA 510k clearances. 

LD Technology is ISO 13485 registered and compliant with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Quality System Requirements (QSR),

and EC Mark. 

Clinical efficiency:
Published clinical studies demonstrate the clinical efficiency of our products. Our markers have been compared to the gold standards or for detection of diseases. Studies returned a with high correlation with the gold standards as well as a high specificity and sensitivity to detect cardiometabolic diseases. 
  ​  Dr. Albert MAAREK is a pioneer in the development of Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) devices and inventor of the LD Technology products.

In 2000, he began designing the first GSR device based on electrochemical measurements. In 2002, he marketed this device into Europe and China for treatment management use.

In 2007, Albert MAAREK founded LD Technology in Miami, Florida as a medical device manufacturing company.

Dr. MAAREK worked with American engineers, designers, and PhDs at the University of Miami, as well as clinical investigators worldwide to develop a non-invasive point of care biosensors for manufacturing medical devices to help physicians in their daily practice.

From  early products, such as EIS-GS, ES Teck, ES Complex, ANS-1,  to our last products TM-FLOW and PAD Series,
each released product of LD Technology has achieved marketing success.

We really appreciate and thank our distributors and customers for their support to LD Technology during the past 10 years.

We hope that our new wireless systems will be just as appreciated by our distributors and customers.

"LD products provide physicians with major clinical data to improve patient outcomes and reduce overall costs in the healthcare system."​

Because diabetes is not only a blood glucose concern, but also a chronic disease that damages the ANS and vascular functions.
Since the ANS and vascular system are damaged by an unhealthy lifestyle, and/or side-effects of current treatment, and/or aging, and/or chronic diseases like diabetes, LD products can evaluate these types of damage and ​ provide major clinical data to physicians in order to  improve patient outcomes.

In adjunct with lab tests , our products help physicians: 

  1. To diagnose the cause of symptoms, such as chronic pain, dizziness , fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders, exercise intolerance, heat intolerance, genitourinary disorders, hypoglycemia unawareness, claudication etc…. Frequently, physicians encounter patients who have chronic disease or other comorbid conditions and symptoms. At times, differentiating vascular from neuropathic disorders can be difficult. It is imperative to distinguish between autonomic neuropathy and vascular disease because the treatments are quite different. Our products offer the solution to this dilemma. 

  2. For the early detection of complications related to chronic diseases, and/or aging, or side-effects of current treatment.

  3. For treatment management of metabolic syndrome,hypertension , diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

  4. To  motivate their patients to adopt healthier lifestyles.







 ​510K clearance (ESO,
ES Teck, EIS-GS )  
clinical studies and 3 publications ,
ISO 13485 Compliance EC Mark

  2 patents granted
 510k TBL-ABI and
New Wireless TM-FLOW and PAD Series



510k clearance
​(ES Complex)
7 publications

 ​510k clearance
(ANS-1, SweatC and TM-ABI) 
3 publications

Market of the patented TM-FLOW System 
​5 publications