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    Autonomic Nervous System Assessment, HRV and Ewing Tests
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    SudoMotor Function Test
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    Arterial stiffness assessment
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    Peripheral Artery Disease Assessment
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  • TM-Flow System
  • ANS-1
  • LEDA System
  • TM-ABI System

TM-Flow System


Medical device data system focus on complications of chronic metabolic diseases 

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ANS-1 Software

ans 1 transparent
Data Management system focus on Autonomic Nervous System.
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LEDA System

Medical Device Data system focus on Lower Extremity Disease..

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TM-ABI System


The TM-ABI system focus on Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) .

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  • TM-Flow System : A dramatic improvement 

  • SweatC system replaces the SudoPath system 

  • TM-ABI system has been cleared by the FDA 

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