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    Autonomic Nervous System Assessment, HRV and Ewing Tests
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    Arterial stiffness assessment
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    Peripheral Artery Disease Assessment
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Medical device data system focus on complications of chronic metabolic diseases 

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ANS-1 Software

ANS 17trans
Data Management system focus on Autonomic Nervous System.
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TM-ABI System


The TM-ABI system focus on Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) .

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LD Products

 LD Technology is committed to the scientific advancement and innovation of its medical technologies, which combine medicine, engineering, and design to provide the best in patient care medical devices. In accordance with our company mission and values,
Our medical systems respond to the needs of the physician, and represents a dramatic improvement of the early detection of the metabolic chronic diseases complications.

Not infrequently, the physicians face patients who have chronic metabolic disease or other comorbid conditions and symptoms . At times, differentiating vascular from neuropathic disorder can be difficult. 
The symptoms of autonomic neuropathy and vascular disease can overlap and mimic each other. 
Although the conditions may imitate each other, the causes are often unrelated. It is imperative to distinguish between autonomic neuropathy and vascular disease because the treatments are quite different.

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