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    Arterial stiffness assessment
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    Peripheral Artery Disease Assessment
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  • ANS-1
  • TM-Oxi System
  • TM-ABI System
  • SweatC System

ANS-1 & SudoPlus Software

ans1 image


Data Management of LD Technology hardware.

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TM-Oxi System

tm oxy image
Blood pressure and oximeter for evaluating the autonomic nervous system at rest and during challenges.

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TM-ABI System


The TM-ABI is the first valuable automated ankle-brachial index measuring device, based on oscillometric method (one of the plethysmographic techniques).

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SweatC System


Galvanic skin response system related to the sweat gland function.

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  • The TM-ABI and SweatC have been cleared by the US FDA 

  • SweatC and TM-ABI: A dramatic improvement in lower extremity diseases

  • LD Technology Press Release

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